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Manordeilo and Cwmifor Parish Newsletter Easter 2017
Manordeilo and Cwmifor Parish Newsletter Christmas 2016

Manordeilo and Cwmifor Parish Newsletter Easter 2016 (Page One)  

16/02/2017 - Local Energy Action
06/01/2017 - Oil Tank Theft Warning
05/12/2016 - Natural Resources Wales changes contact number
07/10/2016 - Phone Scam Warnings
07/10/2016 - Llandeilo Library Move Postponed
22/09/2016 - Relaunch of Dyfed-Powys Community Messaging Service
06/09/2016 - September Go Safe newsletter released
09/03/2016 - Tywi Gateway Project
14/10/2015 - New Farmwatch Scheme
01/10/2015 - Volunteers Briefing Flu Season 2015-16 

16/02/2017 - Local Energy Action
Local Energy Action is a National Lottery Funded project offering free advice and assistance to residents and community organisations across Carmarthenshire.

Please find below a poster illustrating the possible benefits to members of our community that Local Energy Action may provide. They have previously saved residents between £100 and £400 from their energy bills.

Contact details can be found on the poster below:

Local Energy Action Flyer

06/01/2017 - Oil Tank Theft Warning

Dyfed-Powys Police have sent out a warning through the Community Messaging service to be aware of theft from external oil tanks during the Winter months. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Residents can sign up to receive emails from Dyfed-Powys Police through the messaging service here


05/12/2016 - Natural Resources Wales changes contact number
Natural Resources Wales is changing the contact number that people can use to report environmental incidents. The new number will be 03000 65 3000.

Please find below some posters detailing what they do and do not deal with and a website address for more information.

Incidents they do deal with (Cym)   Incidents they do deal with (Eng)

Incidents they do not deal with (Cym)   Incidents they do not deal with (Eng) 


07/10/2016 - Phone Scam Warnings
Recently we received alerts from the Community Messaging System, which provides subscribers with updates from Dyfed Powys Police and Powys Trading Standards, regarding phone scams in Powys. These are the type of activities that could occur anywhere so we have reproduced the messages here:

"Consumers in the Llandrindod Wells area of Powys are currently being targeted by phone callers trying to encourage residents to make insurance claims for holidays they may or may not have been on.

The caller appears to know the consumer and will ask for you by name. Residents are advised not to interact with the caller and to end the phone call. If a resident has a genuine claim relating to a recent holiday, then they are advised in the first instance to contact the holiday company concerned.

Scammers now have the technology to mimic an official telephone number so it comes up on your caller ID display (if you have one on your phone). This can trick you into thinking the caller is really from a legitimate organisation, like a bank or utility company or shows as a local number when it is not.

Remember, if you are in any doubt about whether or not the call is genuine, hang up and call the organisation directly on a different phone. If you're using the same phone, wait 10 minutes in case the scammers keep the line open.

Such calls can also be reported to Action Fraud http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ Consumers are encouraged to sign up to the Community Messaging System to receive alerts from Dyfed Powys Police and Powys Trading Standards concerning their local area." 


07/10/2016 - Llandeilo Library Move Postponed
Llandeilo Library, which is supported by many in our community, has had its move to the Municipal Building at the bottom of the main car park postponed until December at the earliest.

The library will now remain open as normal in its present location until further notice.

22/09/2016 - Relaunch of Dyfed-Powys Community Messaging Service
Something that some members of our community may not be aware of is the recently relaunched Dyfed-Powys Community Messaging system. 

This allows anyone to receive relevant messages and updates on crime prevention and incidents from our local police force by simply signing up using your email address.

To sign up for this free service please click here


06/09/2016 - September Go Safe newsletter released
As speeding is a constant concern within our community we receive regular updates from Go Safe (the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership).

Their September newsletter has just been published and includes updates on the Variable Speed Limit on the M4 and the Go Safe Public Opinion Survey 2016.

For anyone interested in the latest news from this organisation and to sign up to their newsletter, please find their website here. 

09/03/16 - Tywi Gateway Project
The Tywi Gateway Project aims to restore the gardens and landscape of the former Bishop's Palace in Abergwili and is being led by the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council and the Church in Wales.

The site is currently home to Carmarthenshire County Museum and is popular with local residents and schools across the county for its peaceful and family-friendly surroundings.

In order to ensure all residents in Carmarthenshire who use the site have a say in how it continues to serve communities the project team have produced a survey that can be completed on their website. Please click here for the link.

Manordeilo & Salem Community Council have already responded to a request to complete the survey and we would welcome further responses from individuals and groups within our community who may have an interest in the project.


14/10/2015 - New Farmwatch Scheme
Llandeilo Neighbourhood Policing Team is in the process of launching a new Farmwatch Scheme. If you or someone you know are living on a farm in the Llandeilo area and would like to join the Scheme, or find out more please contact PCSO 8095 Louise Lewis or PCSO 8010 Roger Anthony at Llandeilo Police Station via 101.

The main aims of Farmwatch are to reduce local opportunities for crime and vandalism, to reinforce the community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their property by mutual co-operation and communication, to introduce early warning systems in farming and countryside areas, to improve the intelligence flow between the countryside communities and the police, and to reduce poaching.

There are many advantages to being part of a Farmwatch scheme, and it is simple to join - just contact your local neighbourhood policing team via 101 who will advise on your nearest Farmwatch group.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: louise.lewis8095@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk


01/10/15 - Volunteers Briefing Flu Season 2015/16

What is flu?
‘Flu’ – short for influenza, is an infectious and common viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes.

It’s not the same as the common cold. Flu is caused by a different group of viruses. Symptoms tend to be more severe and last longer.

You can catch flu all year round, but it is especially common in winter, which is why it is also known as “seasonal flu”.

Flu is a highly infectious viral illness. It comes on quickly and includes fever and aching muscles. It makes you feel too unwell to continue your usual activities.

Flu causes a sudden high temperature, headache and general aches and pains, extreme fatigue and a sore throat. You can also lose your appetite, feel nauseous and have a cough.

Flu symptoms can make you feel so exhausted and unwell that you have to stay in bed and rest until you feel better.

Complications from flu, serious illness and mortality are highest among older people, pregnant women, those with underlying medical conditions, especially chronic respiratory disease, cardiac disease and those who are immunosuppressed.

Why have the flu vaccine?
· It reduces the risk of those people who aren’t vaccinated being exposed to the infection.
· It protects the person who receives the vaccine.
· In the UK, it is estimated that about 3,000 – 4,000 deaths are attributed to influenza during a typical season. This figure rises considerably during an epidemic (Public Health Wales, 2012)
· The flu vaccine is free and easily available from your GP Practice and some local pharmacies.
· It’s very important for at least 75% of the people who are ‘at risk’ to be vaccinated. This means that individuals who cannot be vaccinated will also benefit e.g. babies younger than 6 months of age who aren’t able to receive the vaccine, and people who have contra indications to the vaccine. Hywel Dda University Health Board have one of the lowest uptake rates for flu vaccine in Wales (see figures below)

Flu uptake 2014/15

Over 65 years

‘At risk’ groups


Pregnant women

All Wales





Hywel Dda

64.9% *



















* Lowest in Wales

The flu vaccine
Because of the changing nature of influenza viruses, the flu vaccine contains different strains of the flu virus every year (as recommended by the World Health Organisation). This is why it is important to receive a flu vaccine every year.

It’s important to get the flu vaccine early before flu circulates, as antibodies take up to 2 weeks to reach protective levels.

A flu vaccine is available free on the NHS for the following groups of people:

  • Adults aged 65 or older
  • People with any of the following medical conditions (age 6 months and over)

Ø Chronic respiratory disease
Ø Chronic heart disease
Ø Chronic kidney disease
Ø Chronic liver disease
Ø Chronic neurological disease
Ø Diabetes
Ø Immunosuppression
Ø Asplenia /dysfunction of the spleen

· Pregnant women

· Carers
· Children aged two, three and pupils in reception, years 1 and 2 in school
· Health and social care staff
· Community First Responders
· Members of voluntary organisations
· People living in long-stay residential care homes or other long-stay care facilities.

The flu vaccine is available from the beginning of October each year. If you think you need it, talk to your GP or practice nurse

More information can be found at:
· Hywel Dda University Health Board http://www.wales.nhs.uk/sitesplus/862/page/75110
· http://www.beatflu.org/
· www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk or phone NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47

Some Flu Myths

1. Having flu is just like having a heavy cold
No it isn’t! A bad bout of flu is much worse than a heavy cold. Flu symptoms come on suddenly and sometimes severely. They include fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles, as well as a cough and sore throat. So you’re likely to spend two or three days in bed. If you get complications caused by flu, you could become seriously ill and have to go to hospital.

2. Having the flu vaccine gives you flu
No, it doesn’t. The injected flu vaccine that is given to adults contains inactivated flu viruses, so it can’t give you flu. Your arm may feel a bit sore where you were injected, and some people get a slight temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days afterwards, but other reactions are very rare.

The children’s flu nasal spray vaccine contains live but weakened flu viruses that will not give your child flu.

3. Once you’ve had the flu vaccine, you’re protected for life
No, you aren’t. The viruses that cause flu can change every year, so you need a vaccination each year that matches the new viruses. The vaccine usually provides protection for the duration of the flu season that year.

4. I’m pregnant, so I shouldn’t have the flu jab because it will affect my baby
Yes, you should have the vaccine at whatever stage of pregnancy you are. If you’re pregnant, you could get very ill if you get flu, which could also be bad for your baby. Having the jab can also protect your baby against flu after it’s born and during the early months of life.

5. If I missed having the flu jab in October, it’s too late to have it later in the year
No, it’s not too late. It's better to have the flu vaccine as soon as it becomes available, but it’s always worth getting vaccinated before flu comes around. Since we don’t know when flu will strike, the sooner you have the vaccine the better.